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Aguirangan Island

Small Wonder. Aguirangan Island is just a small dot in Lagonoy Gulf but it stands out because of its gleaming white beach, an uncommon but pleasant sight in Presentacion. Adjacent this island, a mere 5 minutes boat ride from the island, is the charming Aguirangan View Resort Hotel.

Relish the soothing serenity that envelops this island-paradise or take a gentle walk over shell-covered white beaches of this captivating natural wonder of the region.

The island is uninhabited, but tourists frequent this haven, especially during summer time. The nearby Aguirangan View Hotel offers boat trips to the place. On a clear day, one can get a nice view of the majestic Mayon Volcano (below) from the island.




Baliguian Falls

Revel in the majestic succession of waterfalls, truly a cooling experience. Come bask in the refreshing waters or simply enjoy the virgin sights of unspoiled nature at its best


A mere 5-minute boat ride from Aguirangan Island, this beach is lined with smooth stones and blessed with clean, clear water. The Aguirangan View Resort Hotel strategically stands here.

Bulalacao Cave

Tough job. It's an adrenaline-pumping climb from start to finish, but it's what most cavers seek. A 45-minute trek from the barangay proper, the cave has a large entrance, but a tricky interior. Some chambers can only be reached by climbing huge boulders and slithering though narrow slits.

Slow progress. Cavers await their turn on a rocky passage, but in some sections of the cave, there are huge walk-through passages. Massive boulders seem to support the solid roof . The cave also features spectacular stalactites, stalagmites, subterranean river, rich guano deposits, and unusually, shrimps.

Coming back to the light. These cavers have just conquered Bulalacao, one of Partido's most difficult caves.