Cagbalogo Beach

A small fishing village on the beach lives almost apart from civilization. For the local people in this community, the sea is their source of livelihood.

Postcard perfect. Just beside the Tourism highway connecting Partido to the province of Albay, Gorda Point offers a spectacular view of the Atulayan Island and the Pacific Ocean.


The vivid colors of Atulayan bay lend an air of serenity to the island. Over the years, Atulayan has gained reputation as a favorite summer haven, owing to its accessibility, white sand beaches and refreshing panorama.


Too often we forget that there is beauty in simplicity. Here in Atulayan Island, the gentle breeze, the windswept shores and the muted sounds of nature speak of such simple yet undeniable beauty.


Atulayan is the only island in mainland Partido with white beaches. At 200 square kilometers, it has approximately 100 households, with fishing and sari-sari store operation as the main livelihood. Regular boat trips to the island are available at Nato Wharf.


The east side of the island is uninhabited, so tourists have more privacy. The verdant trees, calm sea and gleaming sand provide the ideal background for a day of swimming and relaxation.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the province, with white sand beaches embellished with colorful shells and rare stones to the delight of collectors and hobbyists alike.

Surely an inviting oasis, but trekking to this place is also an adventure. Bring along your friends and discover lots of other waterfalls in the area. The thick vegetation and the altitude will refresh you.