With the increasing number of connections, the Partido Water Supply System is planning and working towards the installation of additional transmission lines from the Tigaon Mahalnod Spring source to the Tigaon Water Treatment Palnt, with a capacity of 55 cubic meters per hour. These additional lines will significantly improve the water supply within the Tigaon and Sagnay areas.

The existing Tigaon-Sagnay water system currently serves 18 barangays in Tigaon, 8 barangays in Sagnay, and 1 barangay in San Jose or a total of 27 barangays. As of  July 2017, a total of 4,678 from these municipalities are connected to the system. With the treatment capacity at 247 cu.m. per hour, some areas within the covered areas now experience low water pressure and supply. Thus, to ensure the sustained supply of water to the increasing number of new consumers,  the management recognized the need for the new transmission lines to cater to the demand of its consumers.

The management is also working on the plan to establish a separate water system for Sagnay consumers. The feasibility study for the project will be prepared in partnership with the local government unit of Sagnay, including a workable counter-parting scheme for the project.

This three-year plan for the water expansion project in the municipalities of Tigaon and Sagnay is envisioned to improve the water supply for both municipalities, and to give way to accommodate new connections.

Expansion projects in other municipalities are also being undertaken to reach out to other Partido residents who need access to potable water. Along side these, information-education campaign efforts on water conservation and water sustainability are given to new and existing consumers.

To facilitate consumer payment within the covered areas, the management is also in the process of updating the water meter and billing system. Coordination with Partner Bayad Centers will also be undertaken to facilitate the payment process.

 Survey of proposed transmission lines routes for the proposed additional transmission lines from Mahalnod Spring source to Tigaon Water Treatment Plant

Joint site inspection at Sibaguan Spring source with LGU-Sagnay Engineers


Installation of additional distribution lines in Salog, Goa