Tumagithi Falls

Located at the foot of Mt. Isarog, Consocep is dubbed as Tigaon's little Baguio City, owing to its cool atmosphere all year round. The area is a 25-minute drive from barangay Hanawan, Ocampo. Two nearby falls, the Kawa-kawa and Bulalacao are also favorite recreation spots during summer.





Mt. Isarog


Mt. Isarog towers at 1,966 meters above sea level and overlooks San Miguel Bay, Lagonoy Gulf, the fertile lowlands around Naga City and the Caramoan Peninsula. This dormant volcano last erupted in 1641 and is regarded as a biodiversity rich area. With scenic waterfalls and challenging hike towards the summit, it has become a major ecotourism destination in the province. The famous Consocep Mountain resort of Tigaon is located at its foot. Some barangays of the municipalities of Tigaon, Goa and Tinambac are also within its slopes.