Partido Development Administration


may be the “Last frontier”, but it's definitely not the least. This craggy piece of land is being groomed as the next Boracay, the ultimate “getaway from it all” destination.


Lahuy Island

The milky sand of Lahuy Island contrasts sharply with the dark outcrops. This charming island consist of four coastal barangays - Gata, Daraga, Gogon and Oring. The island people still live a traditional lifestyle based around fishing.

Not your ordinary mountain. Some of these remarkable formations still conceal gold deposits and tranquil lagoons.

Matukad Beach

The imposing limestone mountains and rock formations of Caramoan seem out of place compared to the rest of Partido's geography. Riddled with crevices, fissures and holes, most of these cliffs show tremendous potential for rock-climbing. A very generous bonus is that they are strategically facing a dazzling panorama of turquoise waters with stunning underwater environment.

A mere 10-minute boat ride from Gota beach, this island beach offers an intimate place to enjoy the water and explore an idyllic mountain lagoon. It is unique among Caramoan's cluster of islands because of its very fine, gleaming white sand, crystal clear water and centuries-old rock cliffs.


Gota Beach

Gota beach is an exciting jump-off point for an island hopping day. The famous beach is a 30-minute drive from Caramoan proper, blessed with fine white beaches and limestone cliffs perfect for a rock-climbing experience.

One of the most accessible beaches from the town Proper, Gota beach has graced countless tourism-related shows and magazines. Current government efforts has seen its immense potential and thus included it and other nearby islands in the proposed tourism zone.

In the company of mother nature. Most island beaches are still uninhabited and seldom visited, but secrets as good as these can't be hidden for long. Backpackers camping for the night enjoy the relative solitude of the beaches.

Celebrate the beauty of life in these fine white beaches beside majestic limestone and marble mountains and take an exciting boat trip to exotic island coves nearby.

Sabitanglaya Beach

Jutted limestone rocks are scattered in Caramoan, but here in Sabitanglaya Island, these rocks closely resemble hands in solemn prayer. To reach this serene and uninhabited haven, take a boat either from Bikal or Gota Beach.

Virgin Mary Groto

On top of everything. This 27-foot statue can be reached by ascending 527 steps. On her feast day, devotees pay homage to her.

Bichara Island

At 8,000 square meters, Bichara Island may be small, but it's obviously laden with charm. One can swim under the canopy of limestone cliffs surrounding the island or collect shells along the beach. The idyllic seascape makes it easy to forget just about everything.

Tayak Beach

Tayak Beach is an exciting gateway to the lagoon hidden inside the mountains. A 20-minute boat ride from Gota Beach, the area is completely private, perfect for picnics, swimming and snorkeling.

Tayak Lagoon

Mirror image. Surrounded by limestone mountains and lush foliage, this crystal-clear lagoon is a perfect sanctuary. Engage in fishing, swimming or listen to the songs of the birds. Beyond the mountains, the virgin sea is waiting.