Under the PDA Master Plan for Partido, the PDA shall pursue the enhancement of the quality of the education sector in the district. Towards this end and consistent with the vision of improving Partido through the improvement of tthe district's education sector, the PDA established the Quality Education (Q-Ed) Program in Partido. 

The institutionalization of the Partido-wide career awareness for elementary is one of the components of the Quality Education program. It is also an identified project under the new Medium Term Development Plan of the PDA.

The Career Awareness Project aims to help young minds identify and recognize their predominant interests, inclinations and preferences to determine the aspirations as basis for providing the appropriate educational interventions. Series of consultative meetings have been conducted in early 2017 before the Memorandum of Agreement for the project was signed on August 14, 2017, by the PDA and its partners, the Department of Education and the Departmen of Science and Technology.

On August 18, the PDA sponsored the pre-mobilization meeting with the stakeholders and distributed the information education campaign (IEC) materials as committed under the Memorandum of Agreement for the project. The IEC materials included tarpaulin, DVDs containing educational videos and career options for the participating pupils. Thirteen elementary districts with approximately 28,000 Grade 5 and 6 pupils participants are expected to participate. Parents are also invited to raise their awareness on career options for their children. The DOST also provided IEC materials for the pupils - science and technogy videos and other career awareness videos.

Partido has 273 elementary schools, divided into thirteen (13) elementary school districts. All 13 districts signified their commitment to participate in the project.

The monitoring and evaluation of the actitvities at the elementary district level will be directly undertaken by the PDA Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring Division and the Department of Education.