The Local Government Units in Partido have tourism officers who can help tourists find reasonable places to stay and nice places to go. Most often, these LGUs have their own tourism brochures showcasing the best places in their municipalities. Local guides are most helpful when traveling; they know many short cuts, can help you find good places to stay in and they are efficient in managing rough weather and seas. Most tourist facilities and services are still modest, but some resort operators offer tour packages already. SMART and Globe cellsites can be found in most municipalities in the district, so communicating with loved ones is quite easy. Telephone services are provided by Bayantel on the mainland municipalities and by Unitel in the municipality of Tinambac. Internet cafes are getting more popular, especially among the youth. VHF radio enthusiasts has an organized group in Partido. Banks also operate in the mainland municipalities. For foreign tourists, language is not a barrier when planning a trip to Partido. Even the simplest folks can speak and understand English. Although the people are friendly and hospitable, some may be shy and others are concerned that unplanned tourism development may lead to the entry of large entrepreneurs and the displacement of local residents. A low profile is most definitely called for. Compared to other places in the country, Partido's tourism industry may still be well behind, but the potential is enormous. Like most districts in the province of Camarines Sur, it is predominantly rural, but with places to see and culture to experience, it's always worth your time and money.

San Jose
Pier 139
Bellevue Hotel
Villa Peña Resort
Aguirangan View Hotel
Villa Magdalena Resort
ZF Guerzon Resort
Romaric Resort
Peñafrancia Resort
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